The ancient Chinese knew that observing and understanding Nature was one of the ways for us to understand ourselves.

They believe there are five seasons: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter (the four we commonly talk about) and the « in between each season ».

Behind each of the seasons there is an elemental energy: the Five Elements

By observing nature we can see these five energies in the world around us and see how these same energies are reflected within our own bodies and personalities. We can then look to ourselves and see what of these energies is strong or low in our life. Which season do we long for? Which or is our least favorite? How do we react to the hope of Spring, the excitement of Summer, the quietness of Winter?

In Zen shiatsu, we work mostly with the energy of the Five Elements. Also with aromatherapy, true essence of Nature, we can create blends that resonate with the 5 Elements and therefor balance the energy of the seasons in our body and soul.

Aroma & Shiatsu is a wonderful combination to help balance the ki according to the Elements.



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