By stimulating the imbalanced meridians with shiatsu and essential oils, we try to restore the balanced flow. With an Aroma & Shiatsu treatment, we work directly to calm the autonomic nervous system, which has the effect of calming nervous distress and increasing resistance to stress and pathologies in general.

Working with energy, the blood and lymph circulation is improved. Aroma & Shiatsu helps to maintain and improve muscle tone and healthy internal organ functions. It is believed that shiatsu can also strengthen the immune system.

Above all, Aroma & Shiatsu is an energetic combination that acts on subtle planes. It is a vibration therapy that seeks balance and harmony on the physical level as well as on the emotional or spiritual level.

Constant and consistent treatments can become an important aspect of well-being and prevention.

An Aroma & Shiatsu can be a sacred moment of activation of your capacity for self healing, a moment of relaxation and connection with yourself.

Help yourself by bringing energy light and presence to yourself.






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