In the practice, we will exchange informations about health history on both physical and emotional level and find out what are the needs or wishes of the client. We will find out which essential oils to use to help balance the meridians in need.

The client will not receive any massage with the oils, but in comfortable clothes, she/he will get a zen shiatsu treatment combined with the chosen oils.

During the Aroma & Shiatsu treatment, the blend is applied on the skin on the extremities such as the feet and the hands, which are the beginning of the meridians path.

Then a normal shiatsu treatment follows. The oil mixture can be bought and taken home by the patient and used afterwards to continue the effect.


The personal blend:

It is also possible to make a personal blends that resonates with the client, here are some examples of powerful combinations:

  • Protection and grounding blend
  • Inner peace and acceptance
  • Disperse confusion and ease worry
  • Release doubt and increases feeling of security
  • Alleviates fear and clears negative vibration
  • Enlightens with a sense of spiritual awareness
  • Produces a spiritual vibration which purifies and grounds the body
  • Helps you get through rough times…

There is a specific mixture made of 3 essential oils for each of the 12 meridians. They are also 5 different mixtures made especially for the balance of the 5 Elements.

All essential oils that are used are botanically and biochemically verified and defined: 100% pure – 100% biological



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